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Geo Targeting


SAP users who work with price related data most frequently use Excel to create, manipulate, analyze and store data for everything from simple lists to complex price related data manipulations and calculations. BrightPrice Manager for Excel makes the Upload, Update Process and manipulation of Price Related Data an easy and effective activity without the hassle of requests and other organizational barriers.


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Deal Review, Guidance and Governance

The customer price quote solution is unique in its kind that dwells in the SAP software itself. It allows you to work with the familiar SAP software , and gives you the actual data. Even without downloading the data , it allows you to visualize any customer critical information to win the deal.
Your company may have the CPQ process in progress but then our unique feature gives you the right insight as to why deals are won or lost, without the hassle of using external tools. ‘Short -ramp up period, no endless consultancy and a seamless fit into your existing SAP software environment.’

Pricing Data Management
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Managing pricing is one of the highest impacts yet least utilized improvement strategies. You can boost net (pocket) prices by controlling variables such as volume discounts, price exceptions, and contract negotiations on everything from packaging to payment terms. Manage your pricing effectively and have better control over it to improve your bottom line.

Pricing simulation

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It is advisable to use Simulation to see the effectiveness of Price Data changes before executing new Prices. You may as well wish to simulate changes before making final decisions. The effectiveness of the adjusted pricing can be put to simulation to achieve margin expansion and profits. Our simulation module allows you to see the impact of changes. Nevertheless, if you do not like the outcome in the simulation, you can easily rollback to prior pricing status as every update is captured. With fewer process changes and with out redesigning your transactional applications, move to a standardized SAP integrated solution by simulating the effectiveness of prices.

Deal Management

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DEAL management

Sposea ponders a new path to a multifaceted solution in your SAP enterprise landscape that makes managing Total Cost of Ownership easy for both ends of the business and provides you the ability to increase profits and margins while staying in control of what comes in and what goes out. There is no need to miss out on deals anymore as there are no more hassles of downloading data, waiting for the real deal or missing out opportunities. Deal management becomes quite easy with our sophisticated solutions. Thus be the experts in your business having the right insight into the art of pricing.

Pricing data management

SAP Cloud Platform & Partnership

SAP Cloud Platform is the agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation, with comprehensive application development services and capabilities that allows businesses to collect, manage, analyze and leverage information of all types, to extend and connect to business systems, and to innovate new edge scenarios to allow the business to continuously adapt and advance. The BrightPrice DealManager suite of price management tools achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, as well as for integration with applications on the SAP HANA® platform. The solution integrates with SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA, and delivers deal management, customer pricing quotation, price data maintenance and management, and real-time data science to help customers identify sales opportunities most likely to close, offers most likely to sell and prices most likely to win.